Legacy Application Migration

Migrate or Modernize.

The astounding rate at which technology is changing means that IT systems fast become obsolete unless they are able to adapt to changing trends. Having already made huge investments, in terms of cost and time, in setting up IT systems, organizations are often wary of switching over to newer technologies. In the process they get saddled with old legacy IT systems and database management that can stunt their growth and compromise their efficiencies.

It has become imperative for organizations to migrate or modernize their IT systems to stay ahead of competition.

In today’s competitive business environment the need of the hour is having IT systems that are adaptable and scalable to changing business needs. Whether it moving away from a proprietary system, or from classic ASP to dot net, transitioning from older systems to modern platforms with more optimized architectures can be challenging.

Evolution is key.

While, legacy software migration involves the replacement of an existing system, legacy modernization is the process whereby the interface of the existing systems are upgraded to newer technologies, keeping the essence of the legacy system intact for a complete transition to a newer system with better business agility.
Legacy software migration and modernization solutions can range from:

  • Migrating the current system to newer versions of the same platform (e.g. from ASP to .NET)
  • Replacing the system with applicable off-the-shelf applications
  • Redeveloping the systems; with current and user friendly enhancements
  • Development of complement that can complement the legacy system

Tailor made to your business.

As you’d know, legacy application migration system can be a daunting task and requires special expertise. Located in Mumbai, Unlock has demonstrable expertise and the correct toolset to handle the migration of large and complex legacy applications to modern technologies, specifically web based technologies.

We understand that for a migration or modernization strategy to be effective, a thorough understanding of the business processes is required as no two businesses are alike and in the same way, no two legacy software migration or modernization strategies can be the alike.

Why migrate or modernize?

  • Improved business processes and productivity
  • Reduction in the cost of maintenance
  • Improved system maintenance and upgrading
  • Being able to adapt to changing business needs
  • More user friendly and requires less training to use