How we do it?Our Agile Method

Our Method


We will understand why you need a web application? What is the purpose that the application will serve? We will interview your key stakeholders to get a thorough understanding of all business requirements your web application need to address. Your web application will reflect the way you work making it more acceptable and less alien for process owner

Wire Frame Prototype

We translate our understanding of your requirements to wire frame prototype that makes it possible for you to preview how your future web application would be like. By walking through prototype ideas start flowing to your mind and requirements that we might have missed in the first round gets captured as well, thus avoiding large modifications in the application after it is built.

Interface Design

After wire frame prototype, we design user interface for the application keeping in mind the target audience of the application. User friendly, intuitive interface is what we develop.

Architecture Design

This is the foundation on which your software will be built. The entire architecture of the application is planned and then divided into small components that fit together into a larger application. Application is architected from scalability and sustainability point of view with a goal to accommodate future modifications with least amount of changes and impact in other areas of the application.


This is when the actual “coding” of your web application is done. Until this stage we have been establishing requirements and planning development for your web application. Your application is developed by developers having years of experience in application development ensuring highest quality of coding for your application.


While development team is writing code for your web application, testing team is writing test cases of the application. Once application is developed, testing team does rigorous testing of the application finding and fixing problems in the application before it is released to you.


After rigorous testing, your application is finally ready for deployment. The end result is a flawless application that works the way you expect it to work in a live environment – with no surprises.